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L4V Replock
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L4V Hooklock
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Side Door Anti-Drill Plate
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Locks 4 Vans Hooklock
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LMC Security Ltd are based in Brighton, East Sussex and specialise in Van Security Installations. We have helped 100's of local tradesman and business owners secure their vans and tools from potential Theft. We use Van Security Locks and Alarms from the industries most well established van and vehicle security suppliers and are official installers for Locks 4 Vans (L4V), Trade Vehicle Locks (TVL), The Vehicle Group (TVG), Meta System, Clifford, Viper, MotorMax And Car Audio Security.


Operating from our mobile workshop we offer expert Van Security and Accessory installation services to domestic and commercial customers alike and cover the whole of the south east of England.

We cover all aspects of vehicle security and accessory installation including the supply and installation of-
Slamlocks (Ideal for couriers)
Ford Replocks
OBD Guards
Ghost Immobilisers
Vehicle Trackers
Reverse Cameras
Reverse Alarms
Parking Sensors

High Security Hooklocks And Deadlocks For Vans. Our most popular van security upgrade, Hooklocks and Deadlocks offer a very high level of security and are ideal for tradesmen who need easy access to their van throughout the day but need the security and peace of mind that Hooklocks and Deadlocks offer whenever the van will be left for extended periods of time or is parked in a high risk area. Click HERE to see our Hooklock page, and HERE to see our Deadlock page.

van deadlock

High Security Ford Replock and Hykee LocksIt's becoming common knowledge that the standard Ford drivers door lock on most Ford vans including the Ford Transit Custom, MK7 Ford Transit, MK8 Ford Transit and older Ford Transit Connects is notoriously simple for Thieves to attack and gain entry to your van. The High Security, Anti-Pick Replocks we install are the best solution to cure this weak point on Ford vans. Click HERE To See Our Replock Page

ford replock van lock
ford custom replock van lock

OBD Guards. Criminals are using state of the art vehicle diagnostic equipment to duplicate a vans key by accessing the the vehicles computer systems via the OBD diagnostics port commonly used for service resets etc. We can secure this port by fitting an OBD Guard.​ Click HERE To View Our OBD Guard Page

Transit Custom OBD Guard
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Transit Custom OBD Guard
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MK8 Transit OBD Guard
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Armourshell Locks. Like the Deadlocks and Hooklocks we install, Armourshell locks for vans offer a very high level of security. Where as the Deadlocks offer a more discreet security solution, The Armourshell locks are big locks and are a great security upgrade for customers wishing for that added visual deterrent and presence they provide.

armourshell lock van lock
armourshell lock van lock
armourshell lock van lock

SlamlocksSlamlocks for vans are the ideal solution for Couriers and Multi-drop drivers who need their van doors to lock automatically as soon as the door is shut, protecting goods inside the vehicle whilst deliveries are being made. Every time a door with a Slamlock is shut, the key will be required to open the door again.

DPD Slamlock
L4V Slamlock

Anti-Drill Plates. Thieves are becoming more educated in alternative methods of breaking into vans and one method that is being seen more and more often is holes being punched or drilled into doors at specific points allowing access to the doors internal locks. The lock is then forced and the van is unlocked allowing Thieves access to valuable tools and belongings. Most of the Anti-Drill Plates we install are bolted on from the inside of the door and prevent this type of attack. These plates can also be installed after an attack has been made, protecting the van from further attack and concealing any damage. 

vauxhall vivaro stainless steel security plate
vauxhall vivaro stainless steel security plate

Alarm and Immobiliser systems. We supply and install Alarm systems from Meta and Clifford. They are market leaders when it comes to electronic vehicle security. Adding a Meta or Clifford Alarm along with any combination of our mechanical locks will add the highest level of security to your van.

Meta Alarm
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Clifford Alarm
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Meta Ultrasonic Sensors
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Van And Tool Theft Is A Big Problem

Whether your van is used for business, pleasure or both it is a target for criminals.

Van and Tool theft is at a record high. There has been a 45% increase in thefts over the last four years (2015,16,17,18)! This amounts to around 30,000 vehicles stolen or broken into since 2015.

Around 10,000 of the above 30,000 vans have been stolen in the last year. This is according to police statistics.

Research and data shows a year-on-year rise of 4% and a 45% increase since 2015/16.

The problem of van theft is getting worse rather than better and is a problem right across the country. 


In 2014/15 over 14,000 thefts of tools from vehicles were recorded by police in the UK, and that rose to nearly 23,000 in the year 2016/17. A rise of two-thirds! It's claimed a van is broken into and tools stolen every 23 minutes in the UK.


In 2004 BIVSA was launched. It stands for “BRITISH INSURANCE VEHICLE SECURITY AWARDS”. This award presented by Thatcham is supported by the UK Government and gave vehicle manufacturers an incentive to increase their vehicles security by way of achieving recognition for their efforts. This certainly helped but just a glance at recent crime statistics shows that it certainly has not eradicated the problem.

Thieves have become smarter and by using more advanced equipment have exploited weaknesses in manufacturers vehicle security.

LMC Security Ltd Can Help

LMC Security LTD have a vast knowledge of what’s needed to make your van as secure as possible. There are many ways to do this and more often than not, for the highest level of mechanical security your van will require permanent modification to the body of the vehicle.

With our experience within the Autolocksmith industry and in vehicle body repair/modification you can be certain that when it comes to adding additional security to your van, LMC Security LTD not only know what the best security solution will be but we also know exactly how to work with and modify your vehicles body using the correct methods, tooling and technical knowledge gained over 20 years. 


At LMC Security LTD we ensure that once an installation is complete, your van is not only more secure but that all modified areas of the vehicles body are deburred and treated to eliminate the potential onset of corrosion.


If you need to discuss your vans security, don't hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help advise on what will be the best solution to securing your van and tools.

We pride ourselves in offering the most professional service possible from start to finish and we will never leave a customer unsatisfied with any aspect of our service.


As a forward thinking company LMC Security Ltd understand that innovation within the security industry never stands still. We believe and invest in ongoing research and training in order to maintain our next level standard of service to YOU, our valued customers.



At LMC Security LTD, your Van Security is our Priority...

Any Van, Any Purpose... LMC Security Ltd Can Help To Protect Your Investment:

Just some of the vans we help to secure:

  • Ford Transit

  • Ford Transit Custom

  • Ford Transit Connect

  • Vauxhall Vivaro

  • Renault Traffic

  • Nissan Primastar

  • Mercedes Vito

  • Mercedes Sprinter

LMC Security LTD will always provide you with unmatched quality, workmanship and service when it comes to the supply and installation of any van security products you require.


We use our experience and training in all sectors of the vehicle repair and modification industry to help us give you, the customer, the most professional service possible.


When it comes to protecting your van, tools and equipment, LMC Security Ltd have got you covered….….at home, work or on the job, We come to you with our fully equipped mobile workshop.