High Security Van Deadlocks

High security van Deadlocks are a popular van security upgrade, they offer a high level of security, are simple to use and are ideal for anybody that wants to inhibit a potential thieves ability to gain access to their vehicle, whether that be just the load area to protect tools and equipment or all entry points to the vehicle for full protection.

Our customers like Deadlocks as they allow easy access to their van when in use but add the security and peace of mind they need whenever the van will be left for extended periods of time or is parked in a high risk area.

Deadlocks are also fantastic for Motorhome and Campervan owners wanting to protect their valuables whilst on holiday.

The Installation Process

At LMC Security Ltd we take great pride in our workmanship. Using our experience in vehicle body repair and modification we use professional bodyshop tools to modify your van, once the cuts to the body are made we carefully deburr all exposed edges before cleaning up and then applying high performance corrosion inhibitors.


Pricing for our High Security Deadlocks is simple and includes mobile installation and 3 identical keys. 


1 x Deadlock    £165.00

2 x Deadlocks  £295.00

3 x Deadlocks  £425.00

4 x Deadlocks  £545.00

Our Deadlocks are supplied as standard with either Nemef or Santos Lockcases and ISEO or Multi-T-Lock cylinders.

Important To Remember-

Adding additional layers of security to your van is always a good idea. Here are our most popular options and all are highly recommended-

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